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January 5, 2017


Young Lovers and Grandma, Caffeinated Teacher, Lying Guy, and Bullying at School



Dear Mrs. Web,

How do I handle my granddaughter age 15 who is visiting me in Florida with her boyfriend age 16. She asked if he could come and I said yes.  I am now realizing that they are having sex when I am not home. She does not know that I am aware of it. Do I confront her so that she will be aware that they are not pulling the wool over my eyes?  Do I tell her parents, who will be very upset and hurt that she has betrayed their trust.

Dear Mrs. Web is trying very hard to understand what trust your granddaughter betrayed?   Young teens are built to have sex early and often.  To expect them to spend un-chaperoned time together without having sex is unrealistic.  It is the responsibility of the adults in their lives to provide the boundaries that are needed to keep them sexually safe.  If her parents were unrealistic enough to send their daughter on vacation with her boyfriend and not expecting her to have sex, well, they need to sit down with Dear Mrs. Web so she can scorch their ears.   



Dear Mrs. Web,

There is this guy at my church that I kind of "dated" over the summer. He lied when he broke up with me but later on he told me the truth. I'm 15 and he just turned 17.  Would it be inappropriate to date him?

Inappropriate?  No.   But he does have a history as a liar.  Tread carefully.



Dear Mrs. Web,

I've noticed that my teacher has been drinking a lot of coffee lately and I'm starting to worry about him. He's mentioned in class that he drinks a couple cups before he heads off to school at 7, and I've seen him drink a whole pot of coffee before lunchtime. Even after that he still continues to brew more and more and drink it until school gets out at 4. He's also has a one year-old son at home and he says he uses coffee to stay awake with him when he gets fussy. What's your opinion on this? Do you think he is addicted? If so, should I try and help him out? What should I do?

Coffee, the last time Dear Mrs. Web checked, is not a Nanny-State regulated substance.  People make the choices they make and these legal choices are none of anyone’s business.  Unless someone asks for your help and assistance, it is recommended that you butt out. 



Dear Mrs. Web,

I had a really good friend.  She ended getting angry with me over a misunderstanding with an poorly autocorrected text.  She was extremely mad at me, and I tried explaining to her what happened, but she just doesn't believe me! I've tried a million times to explain everything, but she just won't listen!!! I just don't know what to do anymore!!!  She is making my life like a living hell, she's shoving me in the halls at school and making noises like puke whenever I walk near her!!  I no longer have friends. Please help me I just don't know what to do anymore!!

You need to talk to the school and your parents.  Bullying is not to be tolerated.  No one should be anyone's scapegoat.  Parents need to be aware of the bullying that takes place in schools.  Monitor your children’s social media. 








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