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..........Thank you for your help, you make a lot of sense



Thank you for the reply, It was just what I needed to hear. I am as of today taking charge of what I need to do...                                                                        TH


Your assessment of my situation was perfectly correct



Thank you for the advice it was filled with wisdom and gave me new hope...I would like to thank you for your advice. And I only hope that one day with God's help I hope to gain more self respect and to become comfortable in my own skin. Sincere Thanks             Sue


Thank you, Mrs. Web. That's good advice. Take care,  C.A.


Thank you for your advice!  I must get a letter to him.  The extra touch of flowers is a neat idea.  I did much to work on...I appreciate your comments and help.                                         K.


Thank you for responding Mrs.. Web:


WOW I didn't expect a reply so fast.. Thank you so much for the advice... it helps to hear it from someone who knows what they're talking about. 



Dear Mrs. Web:  You were very helpful and thanks for the prompt reply.



It makes perfect sense ...Thanks for the advice....



Thanks for the reply. I do think that your advice is great. ... I really do appreciate your advice and words of wisdom.  THANKS!!! 


Your advice was very helpful, and I thank you very much.    Barbara


Thank you so much for responding.  I appreciate knowing that I am not alone in this--some consolation... I will give your address to everyone and I thank you for your time and advice. 



Thank you so much for listening to me and giving me the advise. My husband and I did talk a lot last night...It helped a lot and now we both
understand ... I appreciate your help very much and will definitely email you in the future with any other problems I might have. Thanks again. I appreciate it.                                                   SB


Great advice...I will try the book you recommended and will let you know how it goes.  Thank you so much.  JT 


I appreciate the advice you e-mailed me.  Thank you so much. Regards,


Thanks for your response, I don’t know if you’re honestly convinced, or you just want to get rid of me, lol…I do appreciate your efforts though, and I will look at the information you have suggested…I wondered if that book may help, and I think I might try it, thanks a bunch!


Thanks for the response.  It was helpful.  Thank you very much for what you said.  I believe you're right, and I feel much better about the situation.
I've written to you before, and greatly appreciated the advice you gave me then, too....Once again, thank you.                    L.



Thank you for responding.  You are giving advice I didn't want to hear.  I thank you for that.                                       S.


Wow, that was really good advice.  I have one final question to you though...Thank you!!                            D.H. 


Thank you for your honest and “to the point” advice.  I really appreciate your feedback.  Yes, I’m a little defensive-but I also need help-I’ve been blinded by the frustration.  May I discuss one more point and I would really appreciate your input...                                                                                     K. M.



Thank you for your kind words and concern...I know I must sound like an idiot rambling on this way and I apologize..but..since I haven't been able to express most of this to anyone I thought I would try this just to unload a little.. I really do appreciate you responding back to me earlier and I thank you for listening.......                     M.D.


I just wanted to thank you very much for your advice.  It really
was very helpful.  I was uncomfortable about the whole situation ...



Thank you so much for the wonderful reply. Coping with this divorce will be hard on the both of us. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers                                                L.C.


Thank you for your thoughtful and thorough reply.  You are right, this
is a decision I need to make.  I really appreciate the good advice. K.Z.l


I was afraid of your answer, it makes sense, however I am.... I t does hurt to read your advice, I am certain that ... Your advice hit me like a ton of bricks, but you have hit the nail on the head.                 C.


thank you.                                                            J.S.


Thank you for taking the time to respond so quickly. I appreciate your honest opinion. I know what has to be done and somehow your view has
helped me realize that my worst fears are reality despite... I am going to implement your advice starting right now . I do thank you somehow your words seemed to wake me up after what feels like a long exhausting sleep .                                                                Sandy


Thank u so much for your help                    Spiff


Thank you, that makes sense...I'll let you know how it progresses, now on to the fun!                                                   Bob


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