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January 2, 2017




Tasty-Treat Meals for the Year



Our family has had this tradition for many years.  We have special meals that we serve one food, often in season, usually connected with a holiday or time of year.  It is fun and a treat to focus on one food and one food only.


January       Hot cocoa and popcorn night, usually after a day of sledding.  Don’t forget the marshmallows!


February     Is the best month for this theme:


On February 12 there is Lincoln’s Birthday and we serve cake shaped like a log frosted with a special chocolate butter cream frosting.  These were sold in every bakery during my childhood.

On the February 14th  Valentine's Day we serve a big heart-shaped strawberry shortcake to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Bring your cards to exchange too.

On February 22  Washington’s Birthday  supper is, of course, a hot homemade cherry pie with ice cream. Yum!


March          Corned beef and cabbage on the 17thHappy St. Patrick’s Day!


April        A mixed Berry Fool on the first day of the month.  A Fool is made by folding pureed fruit into custard or homemade whipped cream.  An April Fool’s Day Treat that is no trick.


May      Fresh baby greens salad bar.  Big bowl with lots of dressings and add-in ingredients on the side so everyone can have a custom salad.


June    Asparagus and hollandaise sauce, as much as everyone can eat.


July    Fresh peas and butter,   BBQ’d chicken always welcome.  Independence Day Treat!


August         Corn on the cob night.  Piled high and steaming with lots of butter.


September  Gingerbread Night.  Great piping hot gingerbread and butter.  Served with milk.  Tasty!


October       Homemade apple pie night!  Need I say more?


November   Pumpkin pie night.  Squash pies too!  Not just for Thanksgiving Day.


December    Christmas cookies and milk night.  We can have Santa’s Christmas Eve meal as we listen to carols and read the Christmas Story.


Enjoy the New Year.   Making family traditions is one great way to make wonderful memories.



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