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Child and Infant Care



Active Parenting  

(click through to buy)

A great book to help parents be more proactive and creative when faced with parent/child power issues.  Teaches choices and consequences better than any other book on the market.



Babyhood : Stage by Stage, from Birth to Age Two; How Your Baby Develops Physically, Emotionally, Mentally   

(click through to buy)

A great one by Leach.   It is obvious she know and loves little ones.  A great how-to book too.


Before It's Too Late: Why some kids get into trouble - and what parents can do about it

(click through to buy)

This book explains the antisocial children and their needs.  Supports parents who need to discipline, box in, and work with them.  If your child seems to have a history of difficult behaviors and refuses to follow the rules, this book's for you.


Changing Your Child's Heart 

(click through to buy)

There are few books that directly address defiant attitudes in children and teenagers.  There are children who push to the maximum.  This book helps parents become parents and guide and teach their children.



Different and Wonderful -  Raising black children in a race-conscious society 

(click through to buy)

How to inspire positive values and other issues that face Black children in today's culture.


The Disappearance of Childhood  

(click through to buy)

How parents have stopped being grown-ups and how our culture fosters and supports this behavior.


Doctor Spock's Baby and Child Care  

(click through to buy)

The sections on illnesses are worth their weight in gold when the baby is sick and the parent needs quick advice.


Failure to Connect - How computers affect our children's minds -for better and worse. 

 (click through to buy)

Healy does it again and takes a close look at another medium with a critical eye.  Not as good as her first book Endangered Minds, but recommended.


A Field Guide to Boys and Girls

This book addresses the differences between boys and girls.  It has cutting edge research about the sex differences.  Respectful treatment of sex difference, this book rings the death knell on the retro androgyny residue from the 70's



The Irreducible Needs of Children - What every child must have to grow, learn and flourish  (click through to buy)

This is a bottom-line book to help parents learn what children need to grow rather than exist.  I strongly recommend it!


Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child  

(click through to buy)

This is the book that will give you and your baby the rest you both need.  Read and re-read it when using it.


How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk  

(click through to buy)

 Great communication handbook for parents.


The Hurried Child: Growing up too fast too soon

(click through to buy)

The title says it all.  Identifies cultural and social factors that cause children to lose their childhoods.



The New Dare to Discipline  

(click through to buy)

Dobson's best known book updated.  Helps parents shoulder the responsibilities of parenthood. 


Parenting Isn't For Cowards  

(click through to buy)

Another Dobson.  A practical parenting guide which addresses the hard issues some parents and children face in their relationships.


Playground Politics

(click through to buy)

How the emotional challenges of the primary and elementary years affect children and their relationships.


Raising a Son

(click through to buy)

I loved this book.  I think it is a great read for any woman raising a boy.  And a better read for men to help them look at how they were raised and how they want their child to be raised.


Raising Your Spirited Child:  

(click through to buy)

A Guide for Parents Whose Child Is More Intense, Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent, and Energetic  The title says it all.  A great book with fine ideas on how to perceive and approach  that energy-filled child.


The Strong-Willed Child 

(click through to buy)

Another Dobson classic about the battles between parent and child.


Strong-Willed Child or Dreamer

(click through to buy)

Great book for parents with a dreamy, creative child.


Superimmunity for Kids

(click through to buy)

Nutrition advice to support children's immune system.


Your Baby and Child : From Birth to Age Five

(click through to buy)

 A great first handbook.  Leach is a child development specialist and a mother.  Best I have found.


You Are Your Child's First Teacher : What Parents Can Do With and for Their Children from Birth to Age Six  

(click through to buy)

Great book for the first time parent who would like guidance on child-parent relationships


Your Two-Year Old, Terrible and Tender

(click through to buy)

One in a series of books I recommend.  A bit dated, yes, but no one describes the developmental ages and abilities better. Also in the series: 

Your One-Year-Old,

Your Three-Year-Old

Your Four-Year-Old,

Your Five-Year-Old,

Your Six-Year-Old

Your Seven-Year-Old

Your Eight-Year Old,  

Your Nine-Year-Old

Your Ten to Fourteen Year Old

(click through to buy)





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