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Dating, Courtship and Relationships




Be Successful Using Personal Ads email

(click through to buy)

Information for using Singles Personals Ads safely and successfully.  For more information: email author.


 Boy Meets Girl

(click through to buy)

A new book from the author of I Kissed Dating Good bye.  He talks about his experience with courtship and marriage.  Excellent follow up book for those interested in the subject.


Finding the Love of Your Life: Ten Principles for Choosing the Right Marriage Partner

(click through to buy)

Another reader recommended book and a treasure for any one looking for a forever life-mate.  You can also have the excellent workbook: Highly recommended by Dear Mrs. Web


I Kissed Dating Good-by

(click through to buy)

For teens and adults looking for an alternative to current dating practices.  Focus on courtship.


How to Win the Love You Want : Effective Techniques and Tactics for Getting the One You Love to Love Back

(click through to buy)

A reader-recommended book.  It is excellent and a great choice for single men and women who want some relationship and dating coaching.  This book is a combination of the books Love Tactics and More Love Tactics


Of Knights and Fair Maidens

(click through to buy)

More information on how to give up dating and evaluate possible life-mates.  Focus on courtship, Christian.


The Rules

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A great handbook for women who never had a mother or grandmother teach them how to date selectively.




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