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The Case for Marriage

(click through to buy)

One of my favorite authors Maggie Gallagher has written a tremendous, easy to read pro-marriage book.  


False Intimacy by Harry W. Schaumburg 

(click through to buy)

A clear, concise book about sexual addictions.  The best of the lot.  Helps you realize how to recognize sexual addictions, causes, How to cope and restore marital relationships. 7/30/01



The Five Love Languages

(click through to buy)

Talks about the different ways we are built and are raised to perceive love differently.  Some through gifts, others through words and so on.  The information also works well when coping with other family relationships too.


If Only He Knew

(click through to buy)

The best book I have found, addressed to men, about the needs and emotions of women in marriage.  The first chapter is "How to Drive Your Wife Away Without Even Trying" is worth the price of the book.


Love is a Decision

(click through to buy)

A terrific and well-thought out book about the foundations of love and commitment.  A great resource for couples who come to the point where they are no longer "in love" and need to learn how to "love" for better and worse.


Love Must Be Tough 

(click through to buy)

The finest book I have ever come across addressing the issues of recovering dignity and grace when wronged or divorced.  Teaches the recovery and repositioning of boundaries in changed relationships.


The Mystery of Marriage

(click through to buy)

Probably the most profound book about the depth of the relationship in marriage.


The Anger Workbook

(Click through to buy)

An interactive workbook that helps the reader/user identify anger, its triggers, and find effective ways to manage it.  Very effective tool to use when anger is hindering or harming one's relationships.








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